Pray for the Widow
Iinstallation with a Painting
I read a book ‘Zorba the Greek’. There is a widow she was killed by throwing stones from her neighborhoods, because she was weak and became a target. I wanted to pray for that widow and underdogs in the society through my artwork. I collected rocks and stones from the villege that represtented rocks that killed the widow, and stacked for making a little pagoda. In my nation, there is a traditional faith. People stack stone pagodas by praying with sincere mind in spiritulity.


I Am Fine...  
Installation with Paintings
The situation and the sentences on the paintings are opposite, which let audience confused. Those painting were put on plastic pallets which help shipment among fishers or delivers in Gunsan. I was trying to put down the austerity and gravity on the art and show the back side of the paintings to the audiences.